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Exploring Touch – Retreat

27 juli 2020 / 14:00

| 875€

Exploring Touch – Retreat is voorlopig geannuleerd wegens de maatregelen vanuit de overheid. Zo gauw er meer ruimte is voor groepsbijeenkomsten, herzien we de mogelijkheden om deze retreat opnieuw in te plannen.

Boundaries and longings in daily, intimate and erotic Touch.

Inspired by The Wheel of Consent.


Born as Human beings with a body, naturally in need for a good amount of touch, we all long for experiences that feed and nurture who we really are. As touch has become so rare in our way of living, or often only safe in a loving partner relationship, we miss out a lot of goodness and pleasure. Healing and Growth.

This summer retreat is an invitation to be intimately in touch with yourself. Growing stronger in embodiment, getting clear on your patterns in touch and in relationship.

Its an invitation to come as you are and play.


The first 3 days you’ll come intimately home in your embodied self and get in touch with each other. We’ll guide you through the beautiful basics of ‘Touch’ in an embodied way.
You’ll practice, play, receive some background info and have nourishing sharing-moments.

You’ll get new embodied experiences, insights, more clarity on who you are in this beautiful human theme.

You are welcome these days with your full human beïngness.
For most of us it’s true that we hold some insecurity, tension, shame, guilt and unexplored longings and needs. Sadness or Anger, or both. For most of us it’s also true that we can experience deep relaxation when feeling seen and safe. Big joy, delicious opening and beautiful playfulness.
The practices will allow to follow your pleasure and let come to surface what needs light and maybe no longer serves you.

Day 4 and 5, we will open for sensual and erotic touch.
You’ll be invited and guided in a safe way to explore this deliciousness of beïng human. No need to perform this summer, no need here to act different then you are. It is a safe invitation to explore your erotic body and beïngness.

You’ll go home with these new experiences and have some tools in your rucksack to keep on exploring touch with your loved ones.

Good to know

During these 5 days there is no need to touch or be touched at any time, if that is not right for you.
The retreat doesn’t offers touch-techniques. It’s not a fix (cause you are not broken anyway). It’s an invitation which will give you embodied experiences that can rewire for embodied strength, clarity, agency and empowerment in your daily, intimate and erotic life.
Day 4 and 5 is open for nudity for those who wish to explore that. Beïng somehow comfortable with nudity in the room is needed to join.



  • Do You want to explore your boundaries and longings in Touch?
  • Do you want a safe space in which you can learn, grow and play?
  • Is there a wish to live from a full hearted Yess?
  • A longing to be intimately connected to your own body and truth and relate from that place with another?
  • Do you wish to become more clear, relaxed and joyful in daily, intimate and/or erotic touch?
  • Do you feel it’s time to explore and expand, integrate and savor who you are in different types of touch?

    Then these 5 days are definitely for you!

    Singles and couples are welcome. Couples are invited during the first 3 days to explore within the group as well. We welcome all different types of gender and sexual orientation. If you join, you have an open mind and are open to explore with people disregarding their uniqueness. Of course, you have your own boundaries and longings and in each moment you choose.

    If you are totally new in touch or have experiences already, doesn’t matter. Both of you are welcome!

    When You join, it’s good to have a certain comfortableness in beïng in a room with naked people. At any time, you choose if you want to undress or not. It is not required, nor is it needed to explore intimate or erotic Touch.

    This is not for if you are looking for full sexual experiences, exchange of fluids or penetrative or oral sex.



    Language: English

    Offered by: Carole Verbeeck, Jean Francois Jodouin and assistants.

    Where: Venwoude, Netherlands
    We will provide you with details after you reserved your spot. You can come by car, carpool together. We’ll give you details in case you come by train or airplane.

    When: 27 juli – 31 juli

    Price: 875 euro
    This includes:
    The Exploring Touch 5days retreat, the teaching and the support
    All organic and vegetarian meals, prepared as much with local products
    Tea, water and fruits in between.
    Accommodation in the Venwoude group-space.

    Your place to sleep.
    Book your place in the dormitory or double or single room.
    Double room for 140,-
    Single room for 180,-
    You can also sleep in your own tent or camper (ask for more details)

    795 euro when you book and pay in full before 20th of march.

    Wanne Join:

    Send email to
    After we’ve been in contact, you’ll receive the needed details and we ask you to book your place by paying in full or 300 euro at
    To Carole Verbeeck
    IBAN: BE87 979 537 58 2994
    Add your name and ‘Exploring Touch’ please.

    When paying 300, the rest of the payement should be received at our account one month before the start.

    *If you know you want to be here and need a payement plan, welcome to get in touch on email.


    Want more info or have questions:
    You are interested and doubt if this retreat is the right one for you right now:

    contactmecarole@gmail or 00 32 486 345 833.
    Very happy to listen and answer your questions.

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